Ronald Reagan and the Little Green Men

by Timothy Chilman


Ronald Reagan, 40th president of the United States, saw two UFOs. Photo: cliff1066™

Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States, is said to have seen a UFO twice. Both occasions were during his stint as 33rd Governor or California (1967-75).

The first took place the night Reagan was to attend a party held at the Hollywood home of the late actor, William Holden. Two of the party’s attendees, television star Lucille Ball and comedian Steve Allen, confirmed the story.

Reagan was absent when festivities commenced, but appeared almost an hour later, highly excited. He told how he and his emaciated spouse, Nancy, had spotted a UFO when they were traveling along a coastal highway to Los Angeles. They stopped and watched. Some versions of the story say the UFO had landed. Lucille Ball said in her tome, Lucy in the Afternoon: An Intimate Memoir of Lucille Ball that she always wondered whether he would have been elected if everybody knew he had seen a UFO.

The second occasion was in 1974, shortly the end of his second gubernatorial term. Reagan was speaking to the Washington Bureau Chief of the Wall Street Journal, Norman Miller. He said the governor’s airplane was approaching a runway in Bakersfield, California, when he saw a strange, bright, white light to the rear of the airplane. He told Miller that the airplane followed it for a few minutes to Bakersfield, whereupon it darted up into the sky.

Confirmation was provided by Air Force Colonel Bill Paynter, who piloted Reagan’s Cessna Citation jet airplane after his retirement. He had clocked-up 30,000 hours of flying, an extremely high number. He said the object, “a fairly steady light,” was a few hundred yards distant and began to accelerate. At this point, it seemed to lengthen, before accelerating to a “fantastic speed” and climbing swiftly at a 45 degree angle. He said the acceleration was “like a hotrod.” No report was filed because, as Reagan said, this causes a person to be labeled a nut.

Reagan told Miller that he and Nancy had conducted personal research into UFOs, finding references to them in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. He spoke in an animated fashion, causing Miller to inquire: “Governor, are you telling me that you saw a UFO?” Reagan suddenly realized he was speaking to a reporter. Miller said, “This look crossed his face,” and he said, “Let’s just say that I’m an agnostic.” The story was reported by the English-language Korea Herald.

Reagan asked Mikhail Gorbachev if the Soviet Union would assist the United States if it were attacked by alien. Photo: Kayla E. McGee

When in office, at Reagan’s first summit with Mikhail Gorbachev in Geneva, he surprised the General Secretary by saying, “What would you do if the United States were suddenly attacked by someone from outer space? Would you help us?” Gorbachev replied, “No doubt about it,” to which Reagan said, “We too.” Gorbachev then said, “So, that’s interesting.”

Reagan also spoke of the event in a speech at Fallston High School in Maryland. His comments do not appear in speechwriter files, which indicates that he was ad-libbing. Gorbachev later said he did not dispute the hypothesis, but thought it a little early to worry. In 1990, he said, “The phenomenon of UFOs does exist and it must be treated seriously.”

Earlier, Reagan had said to Foreign Minister Shevardnadze that he believed the people of Earth would unite in the face of the threat of an alien attack.

Near the end of his speech to the Forty-Second Session of the United Nations on September 21, 1987, Reagan said that it was often forgotten how much unites humanity, and that perceived differences between nations would disappear in the face of an alien threat. He had spoken off-the-cuff at Fallston High School, but these comments would have been written very carefully. Reagan had reintroduced them after they were deleted by staffers.

Author Darwin Potter said that Reagan had told a friend that he had seen UFOs three times. Reagan supposedly said, “I just know it. They’ve selected some desert in the West to make their landing.” Reagan’s daughter, Patti Davis, said her father was possibly joking. She posed nude at the age of 58, and has nice tits.

Defense secretary, Cap Weinberger, was present at an intelligence briefing given to Reagan where UFOs were allegedly discussed.

In 2007, a document surfaced which purported to be an intelligence briefing given to Reagan at Camp David from March 6 to March 8, 1981. CIA Director William Casey and Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger, were said to have been present. It has been largely dismissed by UFO researchers, but contains a wealth of funky detail allegedly transcribed from 54 audio cassettes.

The material was said to be “above top secret,” and special containers, printers, and copiers were devoted to it. The speaker said President Nixon had shown him an object taken from the crashed UFO at Roswell, where debris and five dead extra-terrestrial biological entities – aliens – and one live one were recovered in 1947. The live alien died in 1952 after revealing that it came from Zeta Reticuli, 40 light years from the Earth. Another crashed UFO was found in 1949. Other EBEs were later found. Photographs of aliens were shown. The aliens, called Eben, were believed to be peaceful, but of four other species, one was considered hostile.

The speaker continued that the Earth had been visited by different races of extra-terrestrials for thousands of years. The movies, The Day the Earth Stood Still and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, were said to have been made in collaboration between the Air Force and the movie industry. Reagan said that Bedtime for Bonzo, in which he starred alongside a chimpanzee, probably did not fall into this category.

Close Encounters was based on the first contact with the Eben, with whom the U.S. government communicated. In 1965, twelve humans were exchanged for one alien during a scheduled UFO landing in Nevada. The humans stayed on Zeta Reticuli for 13 years. Two died there and two decided to stay.

Steven Spielberg is supposed to have said that at a private screening of E.T. – the Extra-Terrestrial, Reagan said, “You know, there aren’t six people in this room who know how true this really is.”

Hollywood filmmaker Jamie Shandera said that Steven Spielberg told him that at the close of a private screening of ET- the Extra-terrestrial, Reagan had said to him, “You know, there aren’t six people in this room who know how true this really is.”

On October 8, 1955, General Douglas MacArthur, who was considered for nomination as a Vice Presidential candidate, is reported to have said, “The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the Earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets.”

Canadian UFO researcher, Grant Cameron, who runs the website Presidential UFO, reported that some years following MacArthur’s statement, General John a. McDavid, USAF, said in an Air Force-approved speech at Milliken University, Decatur, Illinois, “Our meeting with other types of existence in other places in the universe quite likely will increase the potential element of conflict rather than reduce it.”

The Russian newspaper, Pravda, reported that in 1948, President S. Harry Truman called his assistant, Robert Landry, to the Oval Office, and ordered him to report to him about UFOs every three months. Once, he asked for investigation of an object he had sighted through his Window in Washington.

Pravda said there was “documentary evidence” that Dwight Eisenhower saw a UFO in 1952, aboard the aircraft carrier, Franklin D. Roosvelt. A naval officer president said that a “large, blue-white UFO” hovered 100 feet in the air, flying away ten minutes after Eisenhower caught sight of it.

Former CIA agent Gerald Haines said that in that year, a “massive wave of UFO sightings over the United States” had the administration severely rattled, and that there was even an order to shoot down UFOs.

In January 1972, Sherry Eckhardt of Oklahoma was phoning her mother, when an unfamiliar voice was heard: “We issued an alarm … We are getting objects with a radar that appear on the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico … Fighters are on the way … An object has fallen into the Pacific Ocean, the fighters are shot down.”

Eckhart called her husband to pick up the phone in the room he was in. Another voice was heard to say, “Call the president on the phone!” She then heard a voice that sounded awfully like Tricky Dicky.

On television, the White House and Air Force denied the existence of any such call. Officers of the local telephone exchange said publicly that it was possible in theory for Eckhart to be connected to another, government telephone line.

Reagan’s opponent in the 1980 presidential election, Jimmy Carter, saw a UFO on January 6, 1969, a large, glowing object which changed color. He said, “It was the most devilish of all the stuff I’ve ever seen.” He later said his memory of the incident was vague and that he believed it was an experimental aircraft from a nearby military base.

Dennis Kucinich, who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004 and 2008, admitted to seeing a UFO while visiting the home of Shirley MacLaine in Washington state. He said that more people in the United States had seen a UFO than approved of a presidency of George W. Bush.

The Governor of Arizona, Fife Symington, admitted to witnessing the famed Phoenix Lights UFO in 1997. In an interview with the Daily Courier, he said he was a pilot and that he was familiar with almost every flying machine, but what he saw was bigger than that. He said that other, responsible people also witnessed it and that it should not be ridiculed.

Senator Richard B. Russell, Jr., of Georgia, then chairman of the Armed Services Committee, saw two UFOS in Russia in 1955 in the company of two others. An Air Force report originally classified “top secret” but later declassified, said all three were “firmly convinced” that they had seen a UFO. It “had a slight dome on top” with “a white light.”

David Icke says that an alien attack will be faked to facilitate the imposition of a police state worldwide.

So, what’s with all this talk of little green men by high-ranking politicians and military officers? Some say they are an attempt to introduce the meme that the aliens are coming. A false flag operation, some disaster blamed on aliens, will be used to facilitate the imposition of a worldwide police state. This theory is championed by supreme nutter David Icke, which is as much as one need know of it. Icke says that various celebrities including Queen Elizabeth and eight presidents (including Bill Clinton, “President of the United States, satanist, serial killer”) are shape-shifting, reptilian aliens. Reagan’s successor, the reptilian George H.W. Bush, was somewhat unhelpful when he spoke of a “new world order.”

Another possibility, mutually exclusive to the first, is that the Star Wars missile defense program which cost more than $30 billion was actually aimed at aliens. The idea was discussed most prominently by former military intelligence officer Harold Sprague’s book, Dawn of Deception. He said that initially, the U.S. government worked with aliens until they massacred a group of scientists in 1979. He also said that at least 34 UFOs had been shot down. One oblong craft near the moon was destroyed by a beam weapon, and the theory is not at all weakened by the fact that such a thing is not known to exist.


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