Looney Tunes Titanic Conspiracy Theories

by Timothy Chilman

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RMS Titanic

Now that one hundred years have passed since the sinking of the Titanic, conspiracy theories relating to it have been rife. Some are rather crazy.

An example comes from one webpage. It said that there are only two people who were aboard the ship who survive to this day and both “claim” to have been babies and therefore too young to remember the event. How convenient, it says. It says that although some of the richest and most famous people in the world were aboard, no video was made of the sinking. How convenient, it says, although perhaps no video from 1912 is not so suspicious. It says that Abe Lincoln died on the same day, 47 years before, and the Titanic could carry 2,547 people. The webpage asks when “sheeple” will realize that they are being lied to. Hang about, that one was a joke. But it sets the mood. During an interview with Online Tonight, James Cameron remarked of a cartoon called Oliver Stone’s Titanic which said there was a second iceberg.

Survivor Emily Richards wrote in a letter that immediately before the Titanic’s rendezvous with an iceberg at 10:20p.m. on April 14, 1912: “The Captain was down in the saloon drinking and gave charge to some-one else to stare (sic) the ship. It was the Captan (sic) fault.” The 24 year-old Richards and her two sons survived the sinking, but her brother was lost.

The letter was written on the notepaper of the Carpathia, which rescued survivors of the Titanic. It and another letter Richards wrote was expected to be sold at auction for $32,000. First person accounts on the notepaper of the Carpathia are exceedingly rare, so the items aroused considerable interest.

No other witness is known to have made the same claim, making Richard’s version inconsistent with dozens of others. She did not repeat the accusation in interviews or at the British or American inquiries into the sinking.

The statue of Captain Edward Smith

Captain Edward Smith was held to have died like an Englishman, going down with his ship. He was mostly exonerated by the British inquiry. He was glorified, and a statue of him stands in his home town in England.

Who sank the Titanic? Astronomer Donald Olson of Texas State University-San Marcos said in Sky & Telescope magazine that the moon did it. Three months prior to the sinking, there was a full moon which could have created abnormally strong tides which propelled a series of icebergs. The moon was closer than at any point since the year 796 and closer than it will ever be again until 2257. The earth, moon, and sun were aligned, a very rare occurrence, which intensified the gravitational pull of the latter two on the Earth.

Geza Gyuk, director of the Department of Astronomy at Chicago’s Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum, said the effect would have made no more than five percent of difference. Olson countered that this would have been sufficient. John Bellini, a geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey, said, “A lot of studies have been done on this kind of thing by USGS scientists and others. They haven’t found anything significant at all.”

Who sank the Titanic? G-d did it.

Who sank the Titanic? G-d did it. The ship was said to be unsinkable, which was a direct challenge to G-d: people were saying not even G-d could sink the ship. The story goes that the area where Titanic sank was not one that featured many icebergs, so the coincidence of the presence of an iceberg was uncanny. The Titanic represented excessive wealth, and perhaps G-d also took exception to cutting-edge technology. It was the same as John Lennon, who was murdered after saying the Beatles were bigger than Jesus.

Multiple iceberg warnings had been received by the Titanic, and it is doubtful that the area was not known for icebergs. At the time, Shipbuilder magazine had said that the Titanic was “practically unsinkable,” and this only became “unsinkable” with the passage of time. There is also the small matter of whether G-d exists.

It has been rumored that the body of one worker had been built into the hull of the Titanic. No evidence substantiates this, although one worker died in hospital after an accident shortly before the ship was launched. The same was said of the Great Eastern, the largest ship ever at the time of its launch in 1858, and the Hoover Dam, which was built from 1931 to 1936.

The team behind a television documentary about the Titanic said it sank because of the design of the keel.

A team made a television documentary about the Titanic and studied the keel. They found that the ship was doomed by a design flaw which accelerated the rate at which it sank, although the sinking took longer than predicted by the managing director of the company which built the ship, who was aboard at iceberg time.

The flaw made the ship vulnerable to rough seas. The team said the stern snapped when it reached an angle of 10 degrees, where previously it had been thought that the angle was 45 degrees. This could have occurred during a strong storm even if there had been no iceberg.

One of the Titanic’s sister ships, the Olympic, was built to essentially the same design as the Titanic virtually alongside it and using the same materials. It once encountered a storm so strong that a hatch cover was torn from the forecastle and hurled to a forward area of the ship, and it sailed through an undersea earthquake off the Grand Banks in 1929. No catastrophic damage was suffered. While the expansion joints of the third sister, the Britannic, were strengthened, according to the Daily Telegraph, the Olympic was not the subject of such work.

A discussion thread at the website of renowned lunatic, David Icke, suggested that the sinking of the Titanic was mass murder for occult reasons

A discussion thread at the website of renowned lunatic, David Icke, suggested that the sinking of the Titanic was mass murder for occult reasons: the Titanic was a giant, floating, metallic wicker man. One has to admit that the bit in James Cameron’s film where Kate Winslet mimics crucifixion is quite creepy. The sinking took place around the time of the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast, when practitioners of the Left Hand Path customarily make human sacrifices. The body of John Jacob Astor, possibly then the richest man in the world, was found to be mangled, and this could have been due to ritual mutilation. Merely the timing of the sinking and the condition of Astor’s corpse do not make this theory very plausible.

It has been claimed that, as with 911, the Titanic’s end was caused by explosions. 2nd Class survivor Imanita Shelley was one who reported hearing explosions. An expedition which examined the wreck of the Titanic found a hole at the front of the wreck which appeared to have been caused by an explosion. Cold water entering a hot, pressurized boiler could cause an explosion and overheated boilers can act similarly. And then there was all that coal dust.

The Titanic has been compared to the Costa Concordia. The Titanic sank between April 14 and April 15, 1912, while the Costa Concordia ran aground between January 13 and 14, 2012 – exactly 99 years and 9 months later. Turn this upside down, and you get 666, the number of the Beast. This number is also said to be of significance to the Freemasons, although not by any source that would be regarded as authoritative. The Costa Concordia ran aground off the Tuscan island of Giglio, which is Italian for “lily flower,” one of the most recurrent symbols in masonry. Concordia was also the name of the first masonic lodge in Florence. Both ships had the most luxurious facilities currently available. The Titanic was the largest ship ever built, and the Costa Concordia the largest ever built in Italy and – wait for it! – it had the largest spa center ever to feature on a cruise ship. The Titanic took three hours to sink, while the Costa Concordia was on its side within around three hours. Many passengers also likened the Costa Concordia to the Titanic, with 31 year-old schoolteacher, Valeria Ananias of Los Angeles, saying, “Have you seen Titanic? That’s exactly what it was.” Some survivors said Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On was playing when the ship hit the rocks. One survivor of the Costa Concordia, Valentina Capuano, was the granddaughter of a survivor of the Titanic.

MS Costa Concordia

There are differences. The Titanic was doomed by hubris and the Costa Concordia by human error. While Captain Smith went down with the Titanic, Captain Francesco Schettino was one of the first off, causing him to be christened Captain Coward by the British newspaper, the Daily Hate, and leading to the creation of a Facebook page entitled “Francesco Schettino Captain of Costa Concordia is a Coward.” The Titanic hit something on the starboard side while the Cost Concordia hit to port. The Titanic sank in 12,460 feet of water while the Costa Concordia experienced misfortune where the water was 26 feet deep. 1,514 people from the Titanic died, compared to only 32 from the Costa Concordia. The Titanic was in water so cold that anyone immersed in it succumbed to hypothermia within half an hour, while the Cost Concordia was in quite warm water. The evacuation of the Titanic was orderly and third class passengers did not wish to be parted from their possessions, while on the Costa Concordia, one passenger said, “It was every man for himself,” with some crew members reportedly beating passengers to the lifeboats. Perhaps any Masonic connections can be ignored.

Perhaps the funkiest lunatic Titanic conspiracy theory is that people are alive to this day within the sunken ship. Video has shown that the wreck is in two pieces which will still be water-tight. Survivors could have employed the legendary British ingenuity to construct a mechanism for air filtration. There had been 2,200 people aboard, and if only a few survived, there would have been enough food for a very long time. It is alleged that ships received a transmission where the Titanic sank, saying, “We are the survivors of RMS Titanic, trapped aboard the ship on the ocean bed – if anybody can here us, for God’s sake help us.” This line gets only three hits on Google, so it is not widely alleged.

This suggestion post-dates Goliath Awakes, a television film from 1981 in which people survived on a sunken ship for 40 years, and The Watch Below, a science fiction novel from 1966 which told the same story. The food on the Titanic was mostly fresh and in cold storage.

And there we have it. We have birthers and truthers. Those who insist on subscribing to the theory that the Titanic met its end due to collision with an iceberg could be termed icebergers. Based on the overwhelming evidence presented here, might the accepted story of the Titanic be no less than a conspiracy to provoke anti-iceberg sentiment worldwide?

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  1. Dawn 05/11/2012, 6:09 pm:

    You are comparing the story of Titanic, about which we know the dynamics, with the story of Concordia, about which we know nothing, because the inquiry is just started.

  2. Timothy 05/12/2012, 2:10 pm:

    Almost all that I said about the Costa Concordia is certain: the depth in which it had its little accident, the number of the dead, the temperature of the water, and the manner of the evacuation. It isn’t certain that the captain was one of the first off, but it has been widely reported and one of the reasons that he’s under house arrest is that it is alleged that he left the ship prematurely. Countless other people have commented on the matter, so why shouldn’t I? Exactly what is your problem?