Masdar City: Future Energy City

What Masdar City will look like

Masdar city represents a new future. It’s a great change. Once upon a time, it was just a dusty construction site situated on the edge of the Arabian Desert, but now it is a global hub of renewable energy. It is a new structure of green urban development.

This beautiful, green city situated in the heart of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates shows how to reduce global warming by 95 percent because the people of Masdar city are using electric cars and electricity is mostly produced from renewable sources such as biofuel, biomass, and hydroelectricity. In the future, this city will provide a high quality of life at less cost to the environment. The development began in 2006 and now consists of six large buildings, 101 small apartments, a large library, and much more. This project is like a baccarat game in which you have to invest a large amount to win big.

The main objective of this project is to make this city carbon-free. Hence, electricity is not generated from fossil fuels but from wind power, thermal power, and solar power. Cars are almost banned there. There is also a solar powered transit system for traveling to the airport. The principal goal is to generate electricity from renewable sources. Some countries are in favor of this project but some countries still think that it’s a gamble because they are still not sure about the positive effects.

It all looks simple but it’s not. The UAE has already invested $22 billion in this project but much is still required as they are trying to build houses for more than 50,000 people. This project has already gained attention from all countries and now many people are searching for video of Masdar city on YouTube.

Masdar city can play an important role in reducing global warming.