Connection Between Hurricane Sandy and HAARP?

As Hurricane Sandy moves up the eastern coastline of the United States, conspiracy theories about its causes are on the rise. Many believe that HAARP-an acronym for the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program located in Alaska – exists as a means for the shadow government to manipulate the weather patterns on Earth. Many conspiracy theorists believe that Hurricane Sandy demonstrates yet another example of how our weather is being manipulated via HAARP.

Humans Do Possess Weather-Controlling Capabilities

Valid evidence exists that shows we have weather-controlling capabilities. On Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” television series, he demonstrates along with a physicist how it’s possible to move a cloud that exists in a chamber. Additionally, in 1997, the United States Secretary of Defense delivered a speech in which he alluded to the fact that human beings do have the capability and technology to change the Earth’s climate and to incite earthquakes and volcano eruptions using electromagnetic waves.

HAARP’s Missions

According to HAARP’s own website, it has two main missions. The first goal relates to studying the processes of the ionosphere. HAARP’s goal through study is to understand what effect the ionosphere has on radio signals so that new techniques may be developed that make communication and navigation systems more effective and reliable. HAARP’s second goal is to develop technology that allows for the use of effects the ionosphere produces, such as using extremely low frequency (ELF) waves for subsurface communication.

What Is the Ionosphere?

The ionosphere exists between 50 and 100 miles above the Earth’s sea level. When we ascend into the atmosphere via planes or hot air ballons, we never reach this height. With regard to wave frequencies, he ionosphere acts like a mirror. Signals can be sent to it from one area of the globe, and, in essence, “bounce off” to send energy to another part of the world.

Can HAARP Control Our Thoughts?

Firstly HAARP’s transmitter gives it a much greater broadcasting capability than any kind of radio we can conceive of. Its transmitter is 14,400 times more powerful than AM radio waves. HAARP has the ability to create ELF waves, and the kinds of frequencies HAARP is capable of producing match brainwave frequencies produced by humans, with both existing in the 4 to 100 Hz range. Research has demonstrated that it is possible to create thoughts and emotions of fear in people by creating a low frequency wave carrying a signal that induces agitation and anxiety in human beings.