Does the government have the power to create and manipulate hurricanes?

Hurricane Katrina satellite image

Satellite image of Hurricane Katrina.

August 23, 2005 – Tropical Depression Ten and a tropical wave come together and Tropical Depression Twelve is born over southeastern Bahamas. The morning of August 24 the system is upgraded to a tropical storm and was christened with the doomed name, Katrina. Innocent little Katrina continues its move towards Florida, becoming a hurricane two hours before making landfall on the morning of August 25. The storm weakens over land but within only about an hour of entering the Gulf of Mexico regains hurricane status. After entering the Gulf Katrina intensifies quickly, growing from a Category 3 hurricane to a Category 5 in only nine hours. The rapid growth due to the unusually warm waters of the Loop Current within the Gulf.

Or at least that is the set of events that they want you to believe. The National Hurricane Center predicated Katrina would turn northward after making landfall and would hit the Florida Panhandle three to four days later. Instead, Katrina continued on a west – southwest track before turning north, causing it to turn into the behemoth it became before slamming into the coast.

Was this just an unexpected turn brought on by Mother Nature? Or was this a man-made event? Just for fun let’s say it was man-made.

Hurricane Katrina track

The path of Hurricane Katrina.

At some point, we stepped in. It’s hard to say exactly at what point but the three most logical points would either be during Katrina’s landfall in Florida or after it entered the Gulf. It is even possible that the entire storm was man-made from the beginning. So how was all this made possible? By something called a Hurricane Gun. The bigger question though is why? The news story that this all stems from stated that it was a test. But what exactly were they testing about the gun? The ability to create a hurricane or was it to disrupt a hurricane and the test just back-fired horribly? The news story appeared on Yahoo days before Katrina became the monster that it became but once it was evident that Katrina was going to be catastrophic the news story vanished. Not even a whisper of it remained.

But again, why? Did they test it out to see if they could strengthen or even aim a hurricane? Was New Orleans in their crosshairs all along? Maybe the government knew all along that the levees were not up to code. Or did they see that once Katrina moved into the Gulf and began to strengthen that it would be on a collision course with Texas, possibly damaging the oil refineries. Was Louisiana and Mississippi thrown under the proverbial bus? We will likely never know the truth.

Hurricane Katrina was the first Category 5 in the Gulf of Mexico since Hurricane Allen in 1980.