Is Disney Buying into the Star Wars NWO Conspiracy?

George Lucas passing on the Star Wars keys to Disney.

George Lucas is long thought to have foreshadowed a New World Order through his movie series of Star Wars. This is a recurrent theme brought to light once again with the recent purchase of Lucas Films and Star Wars by Disney. In the series Hollywood Insider: Full Disclosure the narrator gives examples of some of the material that Lucas used for Star Wars being derived directly from the Bible. He also utilized other religious and mythological pieces, such as Buddhism in the Phantom Menace to help describe the slave child that is found who has an aura about him. This is a direct symbolic gesture toward Buddhists searching for the Delhi Lama. It is often noted that Free Masonry is shown throughout the films, through symbolic rituals, chants and societies. Yoda is often used as a symbol for Free Masonry, called out by Jordan Maxwell. The only noted issue with the Jordan Maxwell claim is that there is little to no evidence to back him up.

Characters in the film are used to depict powerful figures from myth or religious writings. Darth Vadar is used to show Jesus Christ, and Chewbacca is most thought to follow Al Jassassah (found in Islamic writings). George Lucas himself does admit that his movies are derived from mythical and religous writings. He states in an interview with Bill Moyers in 1999 that his movies are used to “recreate myths and the classical myth motifs…..wanted to use those motifs to deal with issues that exist today.”

Utilizing these symbolic characters and mythologies for the captive audience begs to question the unveiling of the New World Order through film by George Lucas. The New World Order is the “enlightened” ones that will take over the world. In Free Masonry, America is not evil, but those running the country are. It is seen as a corporation that is evil, and a full-blown takeover of America is shown through symbolism used in Star Wars and “The Revenge of the Sith”. In this thinking, those who are “Enlightened will rule the Earth” and those ruling America today are greedy and as evil as any Sith. The chants, dark robes, and rituals shown throughout these films only bring forth more ideas of a New World Order being shown on screen.