Does Video Prove Bigfoot Exists?

A first in reality show history is occurring for the person or group that can find proof that Bigfoot really does exist. The record breaking amount of $10 million will be rewarded to whoever can produce ironclad evidence of Sasquatch’s existance.For decades there have been reported sightings of Bigfoot. There are sightings on record from the time early settlers arrived in America.

On October 30, a controversial video showing a shadowy figure that appeared to be a very large creature appeared on YouTube. “Beard Card” and his family were camping in the Provo Canyon when they thought they saw a bear. The man, who has refused to use his real name, posted the video to the video on YouTube.

When questioned he said that he and his family were unsure if it was actually Bigfoot but that they were definitely frightened by the manlike animal. They quickly fled the area and did not get a clear view of the creature. The video has gotten many different reactions from viewers. Many think that he should have stayed and captured a better image of the creature. Others say that he he has added fuel to the Bigfoot myth.

In the midst of the Bigfoot controversy, Spike TV is creating a new reality show. Ten million dollars will go to the person or group that can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bigfoot exists. Producers have yet to decide exactly what will be considered unrefutable proof of Bigfoots existence.

Spike TV and Lloyds of London are expecting the top researchers, cryptozoologists, zoologists, and Bigfoot hunters in the world to take this chance to search for Bigfoot. Groups are currently being put together for this new reality show. They will scatter across different states in the U.S. and use various techniques in their quest for Bigfoot. The reward being offered by Spike TV is the largest in the history of reality tv.

Will anyone find Bigfoot after all this time? Spike TV and Lloyds of London are betting $10 million dollars that someone do just that. This exciting new reality show is set to begin in 2013.