Every President (except one) Share The Same Ancestor

BridgeAnne d’Avignon with her president family tree.

The majority of the United States presidents have something shocking in common. While all of them have held the coveted commander-in-chief title, it seems that every president other than one, both past and present, are cousins.

This shocking and amazing discovery was found out by a twelve year old named BridgeAnne d’Avignon from Salinas, California. She spent time and research creating a family tree which connects 42 out of 43 presidents to one ancestor: King John of England.

Most famously known for his signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, King John or John ‘Lackland’, limited how much power the monarchy had and began the formation of the British Parliament.

The Monte Vista Christian seventh-grader from Watsonville, d’Avignon, began the project to be able to trace her bloodline to France. On her path towards finding her own bloodline she took a turn and began a new quest on a much higher level.

Her months of hard work paid off to reveal a connection few people, if any, ever knew.

The twelve year old dedicated months towards going through 500,000 names in genealogy looking for the “presidential Adam” to be able to create the family tree. Her grandfather, who is 80, has traced roots for almost 60 years and he helped her with making her links for the presidents.

Starting with the first United States president, George Washington, she was able to trace both of the male and female family lines to be able to make the connections.

Before the discovery, there were only 22 links to families of the presidents done by genealogists. This could be possible due to male bloodlines being the primary focus.

Out of all of the 43 presidents, Martin Van Buren is the only one who is not related to King John. His family heritage consisted of Dutch roots.

During her discovery, she was also able to learn that she is actually the 18th cousin of President Barack Obama. She quickly wrote her findings in a letter to the White House to share with him. However, she has only received a regular White House letter response.

Is there something genetic about the way we strive for power? With so many world leaders having the same bloodlines as a well-known ruler of the world, it could be possible they are driven with a desire for power at the very base of their blood.