Hopi Prophecy: America Floods

It’s been hard to ignore the recent bizarre fluctuations in weather. Dangerous storms, flooding in countries that aren’t prone to flooding, and whole countries succumbing to drought. The Hopi Indians have predicted that America will flood, and we should be preparing for when that happens.

So what is the Hopi prophecy and how does it affect you?

Americans fear the Hopi Prophecy will wipe out America.

The Hopi is a tribe of Native American Indians who have predicted that the sun is going to get so hot that the grass will burn, and then the water will rise and flood many parts of America. The Hopi’s also believe that before the sun burns the grass, there will be a time of great upheaval. Civil war will be followed by Martial Law throughout the United States. America will fall by an invasion from across the seas. The Hopi’s have already started to prepare for the events to come, building underground shelters with a month’s worth of food and water.

It’s time to prepare for cataclysmic events that are soon to come. Many of us are already in the process of preparing to live through Armageddon. If you haven’t started, then now is the time to do so. There are many hardware stores and camping stores that offer a range of basic survival kits, although you might want to expand on what they offer with a few additions. Survivalists, more commonly referred to as ‘preppers’, have dedicated a lot of their time and money preparing for many of the apocalyptic events to come. Training themselves to protect themselves and their families from whatever might be thrown at them.

Authors Stan and Holly Drennan Deyo have spent countless hours researching and living amongst the Hopi tribe in order to understand how they are preparing for the flood to come. It was under Holly’s suggestion that the tribe become more prepared by gardening intensively, using a small area to grow a lot of plants. Stockpiling not only food and water, but medicine as well.

It is time to prepare, and to be ready for what events are just on the horizon.