Oldest Living Man Cheats Death by Drinking Indian Magic Potion

The United Kingdom’s Oldest Living Man is a 110 year old Army minister. Reg Dean claims that his secret to a long healthy life is thanks to a “magic potion” that he was given in the 1940’s India.

The potion may not have been as pretty as this, but Dean claims it’s his secret for living so long.

Dean drank the potion when a Indian doctor gave him an incredible drink with magical properties during WW II. This magical potion has given him the ability to be alive during major moments in history- he recalls the sinking of the Titanic disaster like it was yesterday. He was even alive during the first flight at Kitty Hawk in 1903. Considering he was only born a year earlier in 1902, that is quite impressive. He Reg’s age has also brought his attention to Her Majesty- she has sent him seven telegrams since birthday since 100.

Reg Dean lives a relatively healthy lifestyle as he is a vegetarian who occasionally indulges in a glass of gin. This should be a key clue for anyone to take note of who wants to live past the ripe old age of 100! While a healthy lifestyle will definitely help, Reg claims that his long life is the result of muddy brown drink he was given in India by a doctor during the war. Reg was stationed there as chaplain in the army in the midst of World War II.

At the age of 30, Dean became a minister. He later become a teacher before he retired at the age of 80- a cool thirty years ago! He has been married three times that has resulted in only one son. His son has two children, and perhaps Reg will live to see his great grandchildren thanks to the elixir given to him in India.

Reg has lived a long healthy life, and he only has one goal in mind- to become the World’s Oldest Person at the age of 120! If his Indian doctor promised him the ability to live forever, he may even live past that goal. In the mean time, Reg is patiently awaiting his eight letter from the Queen to mark his birthday this year as the oldest man in the United Kingdom.