Scientists Suggest Looking for Alien Life Underneath Earth’s Icecaps

We know that the Americans, China and Russia are all spending billions of dollars on space exploration, but now questions are being raised about exploring the complexities of the world underneath us, deep under the sea. Captain Vladimir Prikhodko, the chairperson for a public research organization concerned with underwater studies has hinted at the possibility that there could be gigantic alien machines hidden under the icecaps. Instead of turning our attention up to the skies, we could be making a big mistake by failing to see what’s going on right underneath our oceans.

Do aliens lurk underneath our oceans?

For many years the Russians have tracked UFOs and alien activity from the bases at the North and South Poles. The famous Arctic explorer Dr Rubens Villela claimes to have seen aliens launching a craft of some kind upwards from underneath the ice covered sea. On board a massive Russian icebreaker vessel they launched Deep Freeze, a naval exploration in the North Pole Region and Dr Villela and two of his colleagues say they were taken aback by an large object which appeared from underneath the ice. The object cracked the ice in an area around 3 metres wide and huge bubbles were visible in the water, with rising steam which indicated to them that there was potential energy under the water.

It is not just the Arctic that has been the subject of unexplained phenomenon. The Antarctic too may have an alien presence. In 1997 the Australian military captured on camera some oval shaped objects at a depth of six kilometers. The objects emitted a bright light. The film was shown to academics at the Royal Institute of Oceanology who concluded that the structures were not natural.

Russian navy  data on UFOS has found that half of all UFO encounters have a connection to the oceans and around 15 percent to lakes. This is a clear indication that UFOs can be linked to activity in the water, lending special significance to the data on UFOs collected by the Navy. One UFO was recorded at speeds of 150 knots underwater, which is much more than the modern submarine can achieve at only 45 knots.

There are certainly many mysteries yet to be uncovered within the depths of our oceans.