So, bye bye Hostess Fruit Pie…

Hostess products

Please wave a fond farewell to your favorite Hostess products.

They were supposed to last forever, our food source after the nuclear holocaust. The modern day equivalent of Elvish Lembas Bread. I am referring to the almighty Twinkie. It isn’t in any way, shape or form healthy but in the event of a nuclear holocaust it would have been a nice change of pace from canned beans and tree bark though there is the chance that the chemicals within the Twinkie would have mixed with the radiation causing us to mutate. Sadly though the Twinkie may soon be no more. On November 16th 2012 Hostess, the makers of Twinkies, announced it is closing its doors permanently and selling off all of its brands. This has sparked people across the country to run to their nearest grocery store and 7-11 to clear out their inventory of Twinkies, Ding dongs, Ho Hos, Fruit Pies and various other Hostess brand products. Not because they are worried about running out of their favorite junk food, however, but because they are selling them online for ridiculous amounts of money. One such auction is selling a two pack (just two cakes in one package) of Twinkies with overnight delivery for $3,000.00. The package has a best by date of Dec. 4 2012. In the description the person states that the reason the package is so special has yet to be determined but that “maybe it’s haunted, or maybe it has the face of Jesus etched in the cream filling. Maybe it belonged to Elvis. Or just maybe for $3,000, it can be Elvis’s haunted Jesus face Twinkie.” The person also states that if you would prefer your snack cakes to be less X-Files worthy then they have other Hostess products for a mere $30 dollars.

Twinkies were first invented in 1930 by a baker for the Continental Baking Company named James Alexander Dewar. Dewar noticed that the machines used to make the cream filled strawberry shortcake sat idle when strawberries were out of season. He had the ingenious idea to put those machines to work making banana-filled snack cakes. He dubbed them Twinkies. During World War II, however, bananas were rationed and the company had to switch to a vanilla filling. The change to vanilla filling was so successful that banana-filled Twinkies never really caught on again.

Hostess strike

Sign held by one of Hostess workers during strike.

The cause for the collapse of the Hostess Empire was caused partly by the healthy eating habits people were developing. The company emerged from bankruptcy once but filed again in early 2012. Then later in the year its workers went on strike in protest of a contract that had been imposed by the bankruptcy court. The brands are being auctioned off so it is possible that Twinkies, Ding Dongs and all those other goodies will make a comeback but under another company name.