Strange explosion at Camp Minden

Camp Minden explosion

Exploded bunker at Camp Minden.

Louisiana seems to be trying to corner the market on strange events. On the night of October 15, around 11:30PM the citizens of Minden, Louisiana and surrounding areas were shaken by what felt like an earthquake. There was a loud boom and a mushroom cloud estimated to be ¾ mile wide and 7,200 feet tall. The Webster Parish 911 call center was flooded with more than 300 hundred calls in less than an hour. The authorities admitted the possibility of a meteor crashing down because during the night they could find evidence of an explosion. The next morning, however, they claimed that it was an explosion at Camp Minden.

Camp Minden was a former Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant. The plant closed in 1994 and Louisiana took over the site in 2005. It is now a Louisiana National Guard training site and an industrial complex. They say the explosion came from an underground bunker that was leased to a company called Explo, Systems Inc. The Bunker, built back in the fifties, was filled with explosives but they haven’t said what kind.

The reason for the ‘meteor crash’ belief is that several people reported seeing something falling from the sky before the explosion. There are also reports that the explosion sent something flying into the air. Accuweather’s Jesse Ferrell even pulled some 3-D images of the object from their GRLevelX software. Though officials stated there was no meteor, Peter Jenniskens, a leading meteor hunter at the SETI Institute, says otherwise. Jenniskens claims that the loud boom heard in Minden was the sonic boom from a meteor as it hit the Earth’s upper atmosphere at around 9 miles an hour. The meteor he claims is a smaller fragment from a much larger meteor that was the size of a small car. The large meteor’s descent was captured by NASA’s Cameras for Allsky Meteor Surveillance. It exploded 24 times as it plunged towards Earth.

There is also a theory that the explosion was caused by a falling meteor hitting methane that has either drifted up from the Corne Bayou sinkhole or that there is already methane leaking from the ground in Minden, also caused by the sinkhole.

So far, it seems, there has been no reason given for why exactly, if it was just a bunker explosion, what caused it to explode.