The Canada you don’t know

flag of Canada

Canada and it’s flag….does anybody else see the upside down bunny?

Canada is a myth. At least if you tilt your head and squint it would appear that way. If you trudge through the miles of political and legal mumbo jumbo you might come out the other side with a belief that the country that has gifted the world with such wonders as William Shatner, Joe Shuster, Martin Short, James Doohan, the geek-god Nathan Fillion, the delicious Tim Hortons restaurant chain and has been the butt of many jokes made by Americans may not be what it seems. Or you might end up forgetting why you were sorting through all that stuff and instead find yourself contemplating why Canada produces so many people associate with the world of geek but that is a conspiracy theory for another time.

According to one person “Canada is neither a federation nor does its government operate with legitimate authority”, this makes all of its politicians and its entire Bar Association criminals for knowing but not saying or doing anything about it. Canada has been inhabited for millennia by aboriginal peoples. In the late 15th century British and French expeditions explored and eventually settled the regions Atlantic coast. In 1763 France ceded almost all of its colonies in North America to Britain. In 1867 Canada was formed as a federal dominion of four provinces after the union of three British North American colonies through confederation and the British Parliament passed the British North America Act which became the core of the Canadian Constitution. It is at this point that things begin to get hairy.  In 1931 the Statute of Westminster was passed and established legislative equality for the self-governing dominions of the British Empire with the United Kingdom. This applied to Canada but excluded the British North America Acts, the then-current written elements of the Canadian Constitution. Then in 1982 Pierre Trudeau became Prime Minister and worked to “patriate” the Canadian Constitution. But the provincial premiers could not reach an agreement on certain provisions within the proposal until nine of the premiers agreed on a compromise bill in late-night negotiations that excluded Quebec’s premier. And apparently Quebec has yet to sign the Canadian Constitution.

Canada’s history is a tangled mess that is hard to unravel but at its core may be hiding the fact that Canada is not what they want us to believe it is.