The Ohio Grassman

Ohio Grassman

Rendering of The Ohio Grassman as seen on MonsterQuest.

The hour is late. You stand in the type of darkness that only living next door to the middle of nowhere can provide, the only movement is the dog at your feet. Suddenly from out of the darkness, not far away, there comes a sound that is loud, threatening and nearly indescribable. You and your dog are frozen in place but only for a moment then you and your dog make a mad dash for your front door, locking it behind you and not looking back. What was it that threatened you from the darkness? Supposedly it was the Ohio Grassman. (True story)

The Ohio Grassman is an ape-like creature reportedly seen throughout the state of Ohio. There are varying reports on the height of the creature. Some say 4-8 feet tall while others say 7-9. It has reddish-brown shaggy fur or hair covering its entire body. It is said to have very broad shoulders and be very muscular, weighing between 300 and 1,000 pounds. The description is similar to that of Bigfoot; however, there are reported differences in the habits of the two which lead people to believe that they are not the same creature but perhaps a relative.  The Ohio Grassman seems to be more social than Bigfoot as the Grassman has been seen traveling in groups.  Also, the creature may dwell in caves but there is also evidence that it builds primitive dwellings from what building material it can gather from the forest.

Supposedly there have been Grassman sightings going as far back as the early European settlers. One early account from 1869 claims that in Gallia County a man and his daughter were attacked by a large wild beast with burning eyes with a body covered in hair.

The Ohio Grassman has been spotted across the state of Ohio but is primarily seen in the Eastern portion. There have also been sightings in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.