The Sphinx and The Scapegoat

The Sphinx

The Great Sphinx of Giza – enjoy it while you can.

The Sphinx. Always watching, always waiting. Ready to pounce on civilization at any moment. It is a threat and on that must be taken down now while there is still time. Or at least that is how a man by the name of Murgan Salem al-Gohary feels. He believes they are false idols and must be destroyed. But is this the real story? al-Gohary is a well-known Jihadist leader that was sentenced under President Hosni Mubarak, one of those being a life sentence but was released by a judicial ruling after the fall of Mubarak in early 2011. And now here he is calling for the demolition of The Sphinx as well as the Giza Pyramids. Sounds like the makings of a great scapegoat but who would want these relics demolished and why?

In 2009 a British explore claimed to have found hidden tunnels and caves beneath the Giza Pyramids. He discovered them after reading memoirs from a 19th century diplomat and explore that had long been forgotten. Could someone be trying to hide what is down there? Could the demolition of the pyramids and the Sphinx merely be a ploy to achieve that end? Or could it be just the opposite? Perhaps someone is trying to find something and removing these objects would make things easier.  It is believed that beneath the Sphinx lies the Hall of Records which contains knowledge of the Egyptians and information about the lost continent of Atlantis.

This is not the first run-in the Great Sphinx of Giza has had with someone of the Muslim faith. The Sphinx missing noise is said to have been taken off by Muhammad Sa’im al-Dahr, a Sufi Muslim, in 1378 AD after finding peasants making offerings to the Sphinx to increase their harvest. ¬†Muhammad Sa’im al-Dahr was hanged for vandalism.