Yeti Hair Passes DNA Testing

Several DNA tests performed on a hair found may prove that the Abominable Snowman exists. The hair was supposedly found in Siberia’s Azasskaya Cave by Doctor Igor Birtsev, who is a known advocate of the existence of Yetis.

Do the hairs finally prove the existence of the Yeti?

There were three DNA tests performed on the hair through several parts of the world, which show that it is from a human-like creature but it is not human nor is it monkey. It is closer to being related to that of a human than a monkey.

Those who dedicate their lives finding the Yeti note that the DNA is very similar to that of a human.  It is difficult to claim it as Yeti because a Yeti has never been captured before, and so there is no genuine existing Yeti DNA  to be able to compare with this DNA.

The DNA tests for these Yeti hairs were conducted at universities in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Idaho in the United States. It is possible that there is a fourth DNA test taking place in the United Kingdom.

The findings at the Russian State Hydrometer logical Institute show that the DNA belongs to a mammal, but they are not human nor do they match the DNA of animals that are inhabitants of that area.

While there have been reported tests and findings for these hairs, there are still those who are skeptical. Many feel it is just an elaborate hoax. There are also accusations that while the tests may have passed, the findings were not accurately paired up with existing DNA information in various databases.

But keep this in mind before going out with your friends on a Yeti hunt: The discovery of the hairs, testing, and findings were all announced right before Halloween. So the question for everyone comes to this: Is the Yeti real,  or is this just another holiday hoax?