Your PS3 and self-sabotage


Could this be your next PlayStation gaming console?

Next gen systems for the gaming world are right around the corner. Nintendo just released its Wii U and may have more in store for next year. Xbox 720 is said to be out by Christmas 2013. And the PS4, well, that’s anyone’s guess.  There are all sorts of rumors flying around the internet about the mythical PS4. One of them is that President Barrack Obama already has PS4 and is becoming quite the avid gamer because of it. So far, however, there has been no official word. PlayStation won’t even admit they are working on a PS4. But there might be some disturbing evidence that they are working on one and that they plan to release it upon the masses before the end of 2013.

The PS3 released to thunderous applause as well as a few gun shots. It was a gorgeous piece of machinery. So shiny and futuristic looking especially when you stood it on its side rather than laying it flat. And with the ability to receive updates, which was so new and unusual for a gaming system at the time, there were those who believed that one day the PS3 would receive an update and signal the PS3 to transform and begin taking over the world. While that now seems unlikely what does seem likely is that PlayStation is beginning to send out updates to the PS3 signaling it to fail. The number of issues and problems people are having with their PS3 systems seems to be on the rise so with a machine that started out so strong why now is this happening? Because PlayStation wants your money. If your PS3 is messing up on you then why not just put your money into a brand new next gen machine rather than that outdated PS3? And you can count on the next gen PlayStation console to cost a very pretty penny.

With a year to go before the next Xbox drops we should also expect the same time-frame for the PS4 (rumored to be called ‘Orbis’ though that may just be a code name) even if it hasn’t been announced. A company like PlayStation isn’t going to just give up and die without a fight.