Dude, where’s my island?

Sandy Island location

Sandy Island location

If you were a fan of the show Lost then this news probably you all giddy like a school girl. A few weeks back it was reported that a group of scientists decided to take a trip to a small 60 square mile island in the south Pacific called Sandy Island or Sable Island depending on which map you were looking at. Supposedly though, it’s not there and there is no sign that it was ever there. Unless you have a sailing vessel of your own you can only take them at their word and as one of the mottos of the conspiracy theory world go, ‘trust no one’. “They” may want us to believe that the island is not there so they can use it for their nefarious purposes. Perhaps their alien cohorts plan to use it for experiments on us.

Recently another player in the game has come forward to help validate the claim saying that it seems the discovery was first made by a whaling ship called the Velocity and that perhaps they only “thought they saw an island or reef” though there is no sign of anything like that in the area. Or perhaps all these people are innocent and actually the government made land mass that they moved so it would not be discovered. There is also the theory that a parallel universe has temporal resonance with our own. There are many different possibilities as to why the island isn’t there or is but only to those privy to that information.

It is also possible that this is just all one big mistake and there really is no island and never was an island and we are all just a bunch of crazy people…..LOL, no, that’s just silly talk. Something strange is totally up with this island.

To find it in Google maps you can’t just type in Sandy or Sable Island, that gives you island along the northern edge of Australia. To find it look for New Caledonia then look up just a bit and to the left to see the small, oblong island. If you try to go in closer it disappears but if you switch to satellite it becomes a small, scary, oblong island that is black. Or blacked out.